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Erectile dysfunction can also occur at any age, from the onset of puberty to even males older than 60 years of age. Research has also indicated that most men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives by the age of 45. After 40 years old, most men will have a 5% chance of being impotent, while this increases further when one hits 70 years old, with a 15% chance of having erectile dysfunction. About 20% of men will suffer from this impotency at around 50 to 54 years old, while a surprising 50% of men belonging to the 70 and higher age group will experience this condition.

The reason that older men tend to experience impotency than the younger generation is because older men are prone to more medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure – and these diseases are often associated with erectile dysfunction as well. Moreover, older men tend to have tissues in the corpora cavernosa (an area inside their penis that secretes GMPs, which increases blood circulation to the penis and causes the erection) that degenerate over time, which also decreases the chances for erection.

This is why it is important for men to consult doctors or take drugs like Levitra in order to combat erectile dysfunction. While many tend to view this as a loss of face, taking prix levitra boite de 12 actually increases the person’s health, and removes other symptoms that are triggered by erectile dysfunction such as depression and anxiety, and low-esteem regarding what they perceive as poor sexual performance. It is very essential to know that impotence is not anything to be ashamed about, and it is a natural medical condition that can be treated with the proper prescriptions and care available.
The other thing to watch out for is the fake Cialis products that have flooded the internet, more than half the treatments for sale on the net are fake so be careful where you buy. As with all medicines there are side effects the most common with this type of treatment are facial flushing, a stuffy nose and blue tinted vision. There has been reports of temporary loss of vision but this is rare. Cialis is not a cure for impotence, just a temporary treatment, the under lying causesĀ of impotence [] should be addressed before you start taking any medication.

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