Horse Racing Best Bets and Good Wagers

The way to make money as a gambler or horse player is to find the best bet. Finding a good wager is not easy. At the races you want to find a horse that is being under 토토사이트 by the crowd, or other bettors. That’s not always easy to do because many people who wager on horse races are very knowledgeable and others have inside information.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll find many such bets of overlays that will make a profit. If you’re going to wait for such bets you’ll spend a lot of time sitting on your hands while others are betting. Good investing, however, involves patience and perseverance.

Now let’s think about ways that you can find one of these horses that is at longer odds than its probability of winning would indicate. First of all, young horses are some of the most likely candidates for being undervalued and over valued by the bettors. A horse may race one time in a maiden race and show very little effort or inclination to run.

That same horse may come back and win big. What happened to bring about such a change? Maybe there wasn’t much of a change in the horse’s physical ability. Maybe it was led back or not urged to run on purpose. Some trainers don’t try to win with first time starters and prefer to give them a race or two to get a little seasoning and to develop some race sense and desire. Having a list of trainer who win second and third time out with maidens can be very handy in your search for good bets.

Another possible clue to a great improvement in a horse’s races is the addition of blinkers. This often brings about a very big change, especially in young horses. Older horses that have had them on before may not respond as well but a young horse who has never experienced a racing situation with the blinders on may improve dramatically.

Tongue ties are one of the most subtle and hard to spot pieces of equipment but also may improve a horse’s chances of winning dramatically. If you get a chance to take a close-up view of the horses in the saddling ring or post parade, look for tongue ties and nasal strips on young horses their first time out. Make a note of such equipment that is not in the program. Then, if you see a horse that is starting in its second or third maiden race who didn’t use those bits of equipment before, you may have found a horse that will go off at big odds and pay well.

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