How To Reuse Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are popular items which are used all year long. People will buy cardboard boxes in Melbourne for personal use, or to give away when they wrap gifts. Sometimes, when you receive a present for a special occasion like a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or at Christmas, your new jeans, books or jewellery, may also be packed in a beautiful gift box. When you add it all up, at the end of the year, you may actually end up with quite a collection of amazing quà tặng Tết cao cấp boxes.

Some consumers will throw out paperboard or cardboard boxes, while the thriftier individual will reuse them. Sturdy gift boxes can be extremely handy when you are reorganizing your home or office. They can also be used for the following around the house:

Drawer organizers – keeping the smaller gift boxes can be quite handy when you want to organize your drawers. Put in items like tea candles, batteries, napkin rings, your wrist watches, writing paper, etc.
Toy boxes – Larger, decorative cardboard or plastic boxes can be used to store toys, such as beanie babies, Lego blocks, coloring books, crayons, and other smaller playthings.
Storing collectibles – If you are a collector, you can keep some of your items in gift boxes until you are able to buy albums, display cases or more collection appropriate storage units.
Potpourri containers – Keeping dried, naturally fragrant plant materials in stylish gift boxes has 2 advantages. When you go to bed at night, put the lid on the box and your scent will last longer. If you drop cardboard boxes from Melbourne, you may have a bit of a mess, but your box will still be intact. If you place your potpourri in a glass dish, your bowl may break when it hits the floor.
Cookie and candy bowl. You can store treats in a gift box, as long as you first line it with aluminum foil or another material that will prevent stains. Oily substances will soak into your paper or cardboard, ruining your gift box. For hygienic reasons, also line plastic boxes.
Magazine holder – Newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals can be neatly stored in shoe boxes or other large cardboard storage containers. Label the boxes of those journals and publications you want to collect. Stack the boxes in your closet or on a drawer, keeping the labels in view so you always know where to find a specific magazine.
Seasonal storage – Christmas ornaments, ribbons, wish cards, and other decorations will fit nicely in themed gift boxes.
Hiding spot – Sometimes it is tough to hide gifts around the house. This problem should be solved if you buy several shoe box-size cardboard boxes in Melbourne. Put some of your spare shoes in these units and keep them in your bedroom closet or under your bed. Once this has become a habit, nobody will suspect that one of the boxes is actually a decoy. This box no longer holds old shoes, but amazing gifts that nobody in the house will know about until it is their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion.
These are just a few simple suggestions on what you can do with a decorative, cardboard gift box. Dust off your imagination, and see what you can come up with!

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