10 Tips for Small and Midsized Business Owners

As a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, a Certified Computer Forensics Specialist,
Network and Security Consultant, Software Developer, and Data Recovery Expert, my passion for
technology is undeniable. I also enjoy helping people, especially when it comes to my passion.
This white paper is ניר נגר on 10 important points to keep your computer network up and running

1) Make sure that all important data is backed up to a Tape Drive, External Hard Drive, USB
Drive or any other form of storage which can be taken off site.

2) Make sure that someone in your office is responsible for frequent back-ups of your data off site.

3) Constantly communicate with your collective staff about the importance of back-up storage,
which includes but is not limited to data files, addresses and emails. If you are using Outlook or
any other email client, ensure its content is also backed up.

4) After you have verified your back-up storage, consider testing the solution and
methodology. I recommend performing a Backup and Disaster Recovery Test every 6 months.

5) Any Computer Systems (Servers, Workstations) which are critical to your business
operations should have a surge protection and a battery backup.

6) It is very critical that every Computer System has Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Protection
in place. I would recommend Norton Anti-Virus if you don’t have any in place. For Anti-
Spyware there are several available tools which can assist in fulfilling these requirements, such as:

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