Candy Buffet Ideas For Weddings and Hen Parties

Candy Buffet On Trend

This year while attending a trade show within the party industry my attention was brought towards a glamorous bright display of sweets and treats. I was told it was called a candy buffet and that it was popular in America. I was also told that an American curso de doces buffet would be big, big sweets lots of sugar and lots of colour. Of course it was no surprise that the Americans would start something and we would want a part of it to.

I actually thought back to the weddings I had attended or heard about in the last few months and yes the candy buffet was a major part of those wedding receptions. I have to say I love the effect that a candy buffet can give and the versatile freedom it gives.

The candy buffet has a vintage touch which seems to be on trend right now in the wedding and hen party industry. I think it would remind most people of the old sweet carts, vintage sweet shops that we so rarely see now a days and yes that scary sweetie catcher on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang too!

Why Choose a Candy Buffet For Your Party

There are a few major reasons why you would choose to have a candy buffet at your wedding reception or hen party.

  1. Vintage reminiscent feel that makes people nostalgic and comfortable
  2. It’s versatile especially when colour theme comes into it
  3. People, especially children love sweets
  4. Eye candy- literally it looks fantastic
  5. No wastage, it doesn’t go off the next day
  6. No preparation time

I think that’s enough good points although I could give you more reasons.

Candy Buffet Ideas

Lets get to the fun part ideas, tips and hints. Well I recently set up my own candy buffet and it was a lot of fun, it smelt delicious and with the left over sweets I could take them to my daughters friends birthday party which of course went down terrifically.

  1. Remember to choose your colour theme. You may want to choose all of one colour which is stunning but more difficult to execute. You could do your main colour theme with white, or your main colour theme with a slight bit of an accent colour. You can also stick to a similar colour pallet scheme like pinks and reds. You also could choose a theme like vintage school sweets or love related sweets which is perfect for a hen party or wedding.
  2. Choose a varied amount of sweets you don’t want all the same sweets. Go for different shapes, sizes and textures this helps to create a more interesting full table display, it also adds interest and more excitement to the viewer.
  3. Find different clear display bowels and dishes. Don’t go for the same sized, shaped display dish. Try and change size, height, depth and width. Varying the dishes will enable you to put different sweets in different places. Different heights is a really important thing to remember, you may want to use pieces of mirror, glass or white upside down bowls to raise parts of your display
  4. Use labels to add decoration and personalized detail. Remember you can use labels in various ways, you may want to add one large one, or individual dish labels. These can feature personal messages or personal details about the bride and groom like places they dated, you could also name the food of course.
  5. Choose extra decorations carefully you don’t want to take the attraction away from the buffet so don’t be tempted to surround it with lots of banners, balloons and party poppers. Just go for one tasteful banner, bunting is very on trend and effective right now.
  6. Use accessories such as scoops and small sweetie bags for ease and practicality. You need to keep it hygienic and the scoops will enable that. You can get a range of bags that are so cute from striped to spotty or clear. You can also label the bags with some sort of message.

This lovely trend is delightful and playful. It also is cost effective and relatively easy and there is no baking involved which is a real plus point to those that hate baking, not a hen party cupcake insight!

You may want to search the internet for candy buffet ideas, there is lots of help available from display ideas, to how to make a candy cart. There is also lots of inspirational images and ideas.

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