What Bank Exams

It is commonly found that it is not possible for all to know everything about the bank exams and the right attitude to be successful. It is also found that many of us may be too busy and preoccupied and may find it difficult to get the inclination and find time for preparation; a positive determination could help. It would also be test bank to figure out our own strengths and weaknesses; it is then best to accentuate strengths and reduce the impact of our weaknesses.

Most bank exams have an objective and a descriptive exam. The objective exam consisting of 4 to 5 sections like quantitative aptitude, reasoning, general awareness, English, computer awareness and/marketing. There could be about 200 to 250 questions totally in all the sections.

The test of reasoning aims at testing a candidate’s mental ability, decision making abilities, and power of execution. It is common to find puzzles, series and analogies, data sufficiency, syllogisms, numeric logic, weak and strong arguments, implicit statements, visual reasoning and Venn diagrams; ranging in complexity from easy to moderate, with scoring well in this section being possible with practice.

A test of the numeric ability, another important objective section could cover topics on interest based questions, percentages, profit and loss, discount, ratios, mixtures, easy probability, time, distance, data interpretation, easy permutation and combination, time and work, ages and averages. Calculations and numbers being important in banking; we would find east to moderate questions, with it being important to attempt the easy questions first.

The next objective section English proves important to check our grammar, vocabulary, communication skills and reading skills; it could include fill in the blanks, reading comprehension, jumbled sentences, grammar errors, synonyms, cloze passages, antonyms and grammar basics.

The next objective section on general awareness tests our knowledge about current affairs; each question could have either 4 to 5 options to choose from or multiple statements with a choice to choose the right one. It is advisable here also to attempt the easy ones first; the cut-off in this section is much lower than those in quantitative aptitude and reasoning.

An interest to join in the marketing side may involve attempting the section on marketing, while general jobs in a bank may involve attempting the computer section; the level of difficulty is moderate and the cut-off in this section could be pretty high.

The descriptive exam is mainly conducted to test the writing ability and communication skills and is quite important for Probationary officers and specialist officer recruitments. This exam that consists of reading comprehension, letter writing, and précis writing and an essay forms the basis of deciding the merit list in many banks and as the qualifying section for others.

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