Ridder Trader Focuses on Developing an Artificial Intelligence Trading System MOPAI

Ridder Trader has comprehended the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology as it will be one of the fintech trends in the future. Therefore, the development of AI Technology is to assure that the trading transaction being fair and transparent, which will help investors to possess a far better understanding on their investment objectives and to provide investors with a safe and secure financial protection through isolation account. In addition, it is one of the benefits for the trading system where it could bring confidence for investors when it involves investment decisions. This AI Technology trading system is a wide-ranging tool that enables investors to integrate information, analyze data and to apply the insights to improve decision-making, where allows investors to have an accurate and risk control investment solution.

Ridder Trader has exclusively developed a new financial technology trading system- MOPAI as the AI Technology is a combination of the strategy formulation that fully utilize the database for a precise trading analysis, completing the needs of investors towards the trading in the market. Hence, MOPAI Technology Analysis System is able to perform 35 million trend analysis within 60 seconds and display trading profit probability judgement instruction, by allowing investors to save time while also minimizing the controllable trading risks factors. The concept of MOPAI trading system is suitable for the beginners and experience investors. Also, investors can easily weigh the pros and cons based on the data analysis to maximize profits through the MOPAI trading system and MT5 trading software.  Moreover, to ensure the legal justice of every trading transaction which is made by investors, Ridder Trader professional auditing team meticulously records every trading transaction by using MT5 precision trading system provided with the most transparent database and the money flow analysis.

The MOPAI trading system is connected to 2,100 trading servers and 42 types of trending technical indicators, where investors are able to obtain greater investment advantages. The development of the MOPAI trading system is a platform that allows individuals to manage their finances and to improve investment management. MOPAI combines the comprehensive knowledge and experiences of professional foreign exchange traders, to provide the traders with the best strategic selection and market judgement, position control, trading discipline, risk control and profitability during trading which would definitely be higher than manual operations.

Ridder Trader also provides vigorous risk management with close-supervision on the depository system. The AI technology system allows investors to conduct a higher accuracy data analysis and to maximize the security of capital with full protection, as well as reducing the risk of foreign exchange transactions and supervising the operation by the AI technology trading system for a stable profit. Meanwhile, Ridder Trader had committed to provide a high-quality and efficient financial investment services to assist customers in achieving their desired investment result as well as improving the profitability and secure investment platform.

Besides, MOPAI trading system provides an accurate real-time overview of the market portfolio and risk management solutions to assist and improve the efficiency for investors in decision-making. This multi-level trading strategy solution is the core effort of Ridder Trader to build a comprehensive data-sharing platform for the financial market. By adopting the AI Technology, it is a vision for Ridder Trader to provide the best basic profit protection by achieving the perfect combination of AI Technology and multi-trading platform. In addition, the MOPAI trading system is a 24-hours trading platform that allows investors to master and observe their foreign exchange assets as well as operate accordingly on its own configuration option.

Last but not least, MOPAI trading system is a future financial trend, but also your trusted artificial intelligence (AI) financial trading platform that enables you to create your own investment plan.

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