Drop Shipping by Private Supplements Manufacturers – An Important Look at Drop Shippers

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When buying nutritional supplements, one should always check the facility from where the supplements are manufactured. It is important to know that manufacturing companies can supplement manufacturers produce any type of supplement irrespective of its quality and purity. Hence, one must be careful about which facility they purchase their supplements from. Private labeling facilities can sometimes pose as a threat to consumers, as they can create products that do not come close to the standard set by the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

One way of ensuring the quality and purity of the supplement that you wish to buy is by consulting FDA’s dietary supplements site. The dietary supplements site provides comprehensive information on all types of dietary supplements that are available in the market today. FDA regulates all the companies that manufacture and supply supplements. Thus, it is easy for them to ensure that the products they produce adhere to their strict standards. In addition, the dietary supplements that are manufactured and supplied by FDA approved facilities also comply with all other national and international requirements.

Private label manufacturers that are registered with FDA and possess all the necessary manufacturing facilities are allowed to use code names to produce and supply their supplements. Such companies can even label their products as “Aveeno” or” Juvenon” or “Arco”. It is therefore, advisable to purchase your dietary supplements from these supplement manufacturing companies that have FDA approval. These companies are highly proficient and reliable and are able to meet all the needs of the customers with regards to producing quality and authentic dietary supplements.

On the contrary, there are some supplement manufacturers who prefer to use the word “Aveeno” to produce and supply their supplements. Such companies may, however, fall into the purgatory of being prohibited in terms of being able to sell and distribute dietary supplements. In such a scenario, it would be safe to state that the “Aveeno” drop shipped supplements would not be on the list of drop shipped by the “Aveeno” company on the Internet. However, such distributors would be qualified to offer and sell bulk and products on the Internet.

In essence then, both distributors should offer the same services to their clients and should abide by the rules laid down by the FDA. This does not necessarily mean that the “Aveeno” company would not have any restrictions on where they ship to (outside the US, to, etc.) However, it should be understood that “Aveeno” would have greater visibility and hence control over the drop shipping and reselling of their supplements. On the other hand, the “drop shipped” distributor would have lesser visibility and hence lesser control over where they ship to. Thus, the reselling business would ultimately be at the cost of the consumer.

The FDA has established a system by which supplement manufacturers will have to prove to the FDA that their products are not only safe but also tasteless or nutritive. The only products that will be allowed to use this system are those which have been cleared by the FDA with respect to their composition, safety, and pureness. All other formulas are not permitted by law to use the system of on-line certification and the various forms of on-line certifications that have been created such as the NDA and the GMP.

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