An Overview of GIA Lai and Its Weight Loss Program

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GIA LAIA Specialties are the perfect blend of convenience and quality. The vast selection of tea products are truly impressive. The GIA is the U.S.’s most trusted institution for tea testing, giving away certificates for sample trials at every event. They also provide consumers with information on the latest teas and best sellers. GIA is a non-profit membership organization that encourages consumers to have knowledge about how premium quality tea is produced.

GIA is not a specialty tea club. They do not test every single tea for its worth. Instead, they test each item at their own discretion, judging it based on various criteria. These criteria typically include: aroma and taste, appearance and clarity of the leaf, aftertaste, consistency, stability, and any other characteristics that the consumer may find interesting. GIA also tests the infusions for their strength of flavor, aroma, aftertaste, stability, and any other aspects they deem important. Once the teas have passed through their tester phase, the result is available for anyone to review at their leisure.

Many stores are now selling GIA certified teas right alongside their regular store brand counterparts. It’s best to check stores that specialize in GIA certified tea to avoid being sold tea that is actually counterfeit. Authentic GIA teas are always marked with the seal of the American Assocation of Tea Masters (AATM). This seal ensures that the tea was cultivated by skilled artisans and meets strict standards.

GIA is not the only premium brand offering these specialty teas though. Rooibos is another great brand with an excellent reputation. Rooibos also offers a free sample when you buy one of their wonderful hand picked loose leaf teas. Some of the Rooibos Specialty teas are Chai Tea and Spice Tea.

There are many more brands offering great teas, and it can be difficult to choose just one. A great place to start would be to try a few different ones. You might be surprised what you like and what you do not. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much better some of the teas taste than you expected.

The internet is a great resource for finding information on any number of things. GIA Lai is no different. There are many reviews available, as well as how-to guides to buying GIA Certified loose leaf tea online. Explore what is available and you’re sure to find something that will meet your weight loss goals.

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