Best Ways to Start Accepting Bitcoins

Here’s a quick comparison of the most popular (and profitable) Bitcoin Payment Gateway available online bitcoin payment processor today. Want to shop on eBay? A: Yes. If the above two answers and explanations sound like a yes, then chances are you’re making a very big mistake.

First, why would you want to use a “bitcoin Payment Processor” and not do the normal eBay style transaction where you give the item back and the merchant has a bank account? The main reason people don’t use this option is because they either can’t or don’t want to. There’s a lot of “goodies” and perks you get with using a” bitcoin wallet” such as built-in password protection, secret shopping features, and the ability to deposit an unlimited amount into your” bitcoins.” All of these options are optional and will be found with some wallets versus others, but using a wallet instead of a traditional merchant account makes the whole thing easier, less susceptible to fraudulent activities, and more secure.

Next, why would you want to use a traditional (and therefore unprofitable) payment processors like PayPal, MoneyBookers, WorldPay, etc.? These services are basically designed to accept one kind of currency, which is what the bitcoin marketplace is based on. They’re basically designed to be money moving businesses… and in their case, that means converting money from one kind of currency to another. What many people fail to recognize is that these services are only as secure as the people who use them, and they have no security at all. These companies are collecting fees from people who want to make payments on their behalf, and the only thing that protects your money is if you’re willing to sit around waiting for someone to take your money while they run a background check on you.

With the rise of bitcoins, and its relative acceptance by the mainstream monetary system, it became obvious that a payment method should be created that was more secure than the existing systems. There are two distinct advantages to using a different type of payment processor like Bitumen, Shape Shift or Guarda. The first is the cost savings. Without the middlemen, you can usually get a good rate from any one of these retailers for about 20% less than you’d typically pay using a credit card. The second advantage is that you can avoid the possible fraudulent activities of other merchants. If a merchant is making his payments through one of the big three, there’s a pretty good chance that he’s going to be stealing from you or trying to scam you.

But how do you go about using this new technology? There are two options. You can use a bitmap or goo payment gateway plugin. I’ll be reviewing both of these and providing an in depth analysis of each. The last major difference is that you can’t use your bank account debit cards to process payments with bitcoins.

Both bitpay and alfacoins have similar benefits for the customer. You can use them with any of the major payment processors such as PayPal, Moneybookers or WorldPay. They also both support both credit card and electronic check payments, which are excellent news if you need to process a large amount of transactions. One of the major differences is the way in which alfacoins work compared to most other coins. Unlike some other coins, you don’t need to pay a transaction fee to use alfacoins. This fee is included in the purchase price of each alfacoin, which makes it much cheaper than most other currencies.

But how do you find reputable merchants to make payments in? Fortunately, it’s easy to tell who are safe and who aren’t by looking at the biopsy website. On the site you’ll see a list of merchants and their available services. You’ll also see a list of providers which you should be aware of, because many of the providers on the list could be unsafe.

The two companies I found, Bitrated and Coinbase, are the best since they are both well known and accepted by millions of websites. This combined with their low transaction fee makes them the best way to go if you want to start accepting bitcoin payments immediately. If you’re an Internet marketer, you should seriously consider both of these companies as your way to take advantage of the best cryptocurrencies. If you have some cash to invest, you should consider a merchant account with biopsy. You’ll be glad that you did.

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