Gambling on Horses Versus Investing in the Market – Are They Both Gambling?

Most people refer to gambling on horses as Gambling, while the same people will refer to gambling on the market as Investing.. These days the market may appear to be more of a gamble than horses. If you break it down and really consider what one is doing when they invest in the market it really 부산출장마사지 begins to resemble Gambling in the truest sense of the word. Whether you are a buy and hold investor or a day speculator you are “betting” that a particular stock or conglomerate of stocks can be up or down. If they do you “win” more money. However if these stocks do not, you loose money.

Buy and hold investors buy stocks or mutual funds they believe can be up over a period of time; usually a significant amount of time. The return on this type of investment is typically quite small, most of the time in the single digit percentage. Then you must consider inflation and what you could have finished with that money though it was extremely slowly “growing” in value. This type of investing is quickly finding is way out of the mainstream investing world. The new school of thought is the timing system. This type of market investing relies upon buying and selling based on a timing strategy. Usually an investor will buy and hold a stock or conglomerate of stocks for a couple days or weeks, then sell at the perceived optimal time. An investor can attempt to devise a timing system on their own, but this can be very time consuming and somewhat overwhelming. In recent years many timing systems have found there way to the internet. They are typically membership sites that range in cost from $10-20/month to a couple hundred dollars. The subscribers will receive exchange signals, usually via and email, advising the client when to buy and when to sell. Many of these programs have proven to produce a much higher return.

Now, look at the day speculator, or someone who trades stocks at a much accelerated pace; usually buying and selling many times within the same day, they likely really commence to fall into the ” Gambling ” category. Day traders will buy or sell stocks in hopes that they will turn a quick profit. They can be seen watching the tickers with great anticipation and will cheer and root on their selected position, very reminiscent of a horse player rooting on his selected horse. Day traders can turn a quick profit as can a horse player. Still, day trading investing can be quite risky and you’ll want significant time and resources at your disposal. The returns for day traders can be significant, if you are lucky and have one excellent amount of time to research. However the losses can be just as significant and hasty.

Now we look at gambling on horses or handicapping horses. I believe it could more accurately referred to as investing in horse racing. With proper knowledge and possibly some help from software packages or handicapper’s choices one can make a more consistent return. Knowledgeable handicappers can consistently get an ROI that ranges from 20-35%! That sounds pretty good when considering you can let your money sit in the market and traumas a measly 8% return, which in this economic climate may never happen. There are many resources available to potential investors in horse racing. Horse racing does not need to be a “gamble”. In recent years there have been many programs and pick systems that can greatly increase one’s odds of faring better at the tracks. However, these are not the end all when it comes to gambling on horses. A potential horse player needs to take the time to educate themselves on what horse racing and gambling is done. The internet is full of valuable resources you are able to use to begin educating themselves on horse racing and the horse racing culture. It is an exciting and fun way to invest one’s money, but one that you should taken with great care. It is highly advised that potential horse investors take advantage of all the resources available to them before beginning to gamble.

I have been fortunate to be the heir to just such a resource. My late grandaddy developed a horse racing handicapping system that he developed over years of research. My father and I then furthered his work and packaged the system into a software program. The whole system is based on a mathematical criteria and has astonishing accuracy. All the results and details can be found at.

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