The benefits of Lunchtime Workouts

Regular exercise is a vital part of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle, but finding the time to exercise can be a problem. Exercising regularly is critical if you want to improve lunchtime results fitness, lose weight and build up some momentum. From a long day at work it can be really tough to find the motivation to exercise, but notice speedier dropping a couple of workouts a week into your lunch breaks?

The benefits of Lunchtime Workouts

There are many benefits to fitting in a quick workout in your lunch break, such as giving you more free time outside of work to do other things. A quick exercise turbo charge is also a great way to burn calories and save you some cash at the same time, as you will not have the time to go out and get food. Work can also be a very stressful and hectic environment, a quick workout halfway through your afternoon can provide some welcome relief and get rid of your stress levels. The majority of us do office jobs which results in us getting very little physical activity, sitting around all day can leave you tired and feeling lethargic. An exercise routine can provide the perfect tonic, boosting your efforts levels and improving your performance in the latter perhaps the day.

Overcoming Obstacles To Lunchtime Workouts

If your workplace has a gym and shower facilities then its happy days, but this certainly isn’t the case for everyone. Logistics and time might make a quick trip to the gym impossible. If you have a spare room where you work you can use, then this might be a viable option. If there are no facilities to exercise, you could always go for a walk or run. Wet wipes are also a good option to freshen up if there are no suitable washroom facilities. You will also need to eat following your workout before returning to work, as skipping meals is not a good idea. Prepare a healthy packed lunch and take it to work with your gym gear.

Suggestions for Lunchtime Workouts

Routine training is a great way to workout when you are short on time, and a really intense workout. Spend 2 minutes on each exercise with 30 seconds rest in-between, this will enable you to complete a full routine containing 10 different exercises inside of an hour, giving you plenty of time to freshen up and eat food. If you don’t have access to a gym then be inventive, bring in some dumb bells or a skipping rope and incorporate floor exercises such as squats and front planks. Alternatively you could run top to bottom stairs or go for a run outdoors. If you really don’t want to bring in your gym equipment and would like not to get too sweaty, then just use your lunch breaks to go walking as it is still great exercise.

Now that you know the benefits of Lunchtime workouts, start getting active in your lunch break and you will achieve your fitness and weight loss goals even quicker.

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