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There is nothing more exciting and frightening then finally moving away to college. From the the day I moved into the dorm room and met my new roommates for the first time. That was the frighting part for me, but after we got to know each other we had a lot of great times. Everyone knows that going to college is not a cheap thing to do, but that the $40, 000 or more spent to go to college is an investment that will pay you free laptop back in many years. My mentor use to tell me he thought it was a good investment to take out loans to live off of rather than working in someones spare time, because the in someones spare time job took away from my studying time. Well at the time i said there is no way I will take out loans and quit my in someones spare time job this man must be crazy. I finished college with a C average, looking back on it now i see what he was saying i could have graduated with A’s if i would have applied myself a little more.

With all of this being said i belief taking out any additional loans is a good investment. The better your grades are through college the greater chance you have getting into grad school, and you look preferable in the hiring process of your new career. Tough different expenses that arise whilst in college the one that (if your like me find out the hard way) is a surprise is textbooks. College textbooks can cost $100 to $1, 200 a semester. The bookstore on campus will make you want to cry when you hand them $850 and they provide you with five textbooks that are good for one semester, and several times they won’t purchase them back after the semester is over. After the first trip to the college bookstore i found out real quick that would not be doing that again.

On-line is a great spot for their buy, rent, or sell college textbooks. You could possibly find all the books you need for each semester for around $50 to $100. That is a big savings from what it will cost you at the bookstore. The website collegebooksnow. com uses other sites such as amazon to Find College textbooks, most of the textbooks used today you can find on this website. So if your in college or getting ready to start find the books you need on-line, it can save you quite a bit.

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