How to Make a Website and start Earning!

Internet is a way to reach millions and promote your business online รับทําเว็บไซต์ by having a website, if you are planning to Make a Website than you are in right place. Let’s see how can we do this all!

Website Idea

For any website you need an idea, which is the most important part of your website, strong idea will result in huge audience, which can be changed into cash and a real income. The idea should be simple and useful to gain public attention.

Buy a Domain

Now we need to give an identity to your idea this will be done by joining a website. Website is on-line unique identity of our own website. Some popular domain registrars are Godaddy and name. com, this will cost you approx. $10 annually. It is best to have keyword of your idea within your website that is helpful in website positioning of your website.

Design and Content

The next phase is to implement this idea in website. The design and content of website must be simple and relevant to website idea. Try to write quality and unique content, this will help out with website positioning. There are many free design and desing templates available on internet to save the cost. Word press, Joomla are few example of popular free content management systems with hundreds of free available desing templates.

Buy Internet hosting

Now the website is ready to go on-line. All you have to do is to buy a Internet hosting package for your website. There are number of cheap shared hosting out there giving you enable you to make your website on-line just in few bucks.

Marketing and SEO

It is impossible to discuss marketing and SEO in details but I will try to sum it up the whole process. For marketing, promote your website in friends, social networks and local community. For SEO, join SEO boards to get possible help and knowledge to boost the website.

Ads revenue

There are many ways to earn from a website, but most common ways to earn are by paid ads, subscription and Google ad-sense. Place Google ad-sense code into your web pages for ads revenue, you can also place ads and banners of relevant private websites to generate some profit.

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